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by Corina

dissolvable wedding dress

British students at Shefield Hallam University in England wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once, so they designed six sustainable wedding gowns which are made to breakdown in water after the wedding. The dress fabric is weaved with polyvinyl alcohol, a non-toxic adhesive which dissolves in water. Once dissolved away, the gown fabric is left, and can be sewn into five new reusable garments.

Fashion lecturer Jane Blohm said it a press release “In order to reduce fashion’s impact on the environment, the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices…The project is a union between art and technology which explores the possibilities of using alternative materials for our clothing.”

While this student project may yet still be years away from being a consumer reality, there are plenty of ways the eco-bride and groom can reduce the impact their wedding fashion choices will have. Consider buying reused, vintage, or having an old family dress or suit re-purposed.

So for now, here are some great green wedding fashion resources…

Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies
is like the beginning of a whole new way to look at your unwanted clothes

You can find your dream wedding gown and save some cash by buying pre-owned wedding dresses

Gently used wedding gowns in good condition and like new veils, and other recycled bridal dresses and accessories

You can always find the best recycled, re-purposed, offbeat items for your eclectic wedding taste on Etsy Wedding

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