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by Corina

I love Yeah Rentals and their modern offerings for events. Now they have a new furniture sales store, and are hosting a series of workshops, pop-ups, and cocktail parties in LA’s fabulous Hudson Loft. FUN!

Yeah Furniture Calendar 2015

by Corina


As couples marry later in life, they just don’t need all that extra “stuff” traditionally found on wedding registries. So what do you register for? Your Honeymoon of course!

Honeymoon funding has become a movement among couples who prefer the thrill of adventure over the accumulation of more stuff, or who might be having a hard time filling a registry with anything they care much about.

Honeyfund is one resource we recommend to clients.

But some couples really take the crowdsourcing opportunity of their wedding and run with it. In 2014 Mallory Foster and Zach Wendel, raised $28,000 in donations through their wedding to help build a school in Africa. They did travel to the Malawi village to help build as part of their Honeymoon, but used the money to fund an existing NGO to build the school, fill it with teachers, and support the community long-term with education.

You can see the couple’s BuildOn fundraising page here.

“When you take a big trip with someone you love, it makes it all that much more memorable,” Foster said. “Our view for our wedding and our life is that life is a big adventure for us, and it’s been fun with each other.”

Relationship experts say that experiences like this bring couples closer together. Volunteer Honeymoon’s (aka “Honeyteer”) offer a way to give back to our precious world and to each other. This kind of heart centered reciprocity will certainly nurture your marital bond, and give you tons of good Karma as you start your life as spouses for life. We salute you!

You’d be surprised how many countries a given cause can exist. Try these great resources to get you on your way:;; American Hiking Society; WWOOF.

by Corina

Visiting Camp Navarro in Medocino was a delight! Agathe, Cameron and I camped out in the rustic cabins, drank wine around the camp fire, and fell in love with the redwoods in the Anderson Valley.

We dreamed of their wedding in the Great Redwood Grove with hanging lanterns, and farm-to-table cuisine. We loved the idea of all guests receiving headlamps as arrival gifts, and styling each cabin with wool blankets and vintage camping lanterns. The Navarro River is absolutely gorgeous and just 10 minutes down the Highway you can launch canoes and inner tubes for a really fun group ride.

by Corina

I often visit plant stores and shops for event design inspiration. I find them especially helpful when planning a living arrangement centerpiece for an eclectic wedding design. One of my favorite online stores is Terrain (which is an extension of Anthropology and Urban Outfitters). Their line of gardening and outdoor living products are perfect for bringing the outside in.

I love this line of plant trays designed to catch water runoff from larger planters, but they themselves can be packed with moss, succulents, and air plants to create a long, beautiful, fresh arrangement in the center of your tables. It’s an easy project, and it’s eclectic approach makes it fairly easy for any DIY Bride and her family to create.

by Corina

Here are some of this week’s obsessions…

Loving this LA vintage eclectic wedding with modern bohemian accents.

Brooke Merrill Photography & Randi Marie Photography

I’m in love with Caitln Flemming for the first time. I cant believe I never knew about her until now!

San Francisco Firehouse 8 is an iconic venue full of possibilities for weddings, special events, and pop-up restaurants. I’m obsessed with brick (and, let’s be honest, Firemen too).

Obsessed with this incredible modern rustic Sonoma wedding at the Summerhill House by Hugh Forte Photography. Katey Oursler did a killer job with the farm-to-table dinner!

Hugh Forte Photography

by Corina

Alameda Antiques and Collectables Faire is the first Sunday of each month in Alameda Ca.

If you are in the market for decorations, unique dinnerware, or stylish lounge furniture for your upcoming wedding, Flea Markets & Swap Meets are the ticket. While Craigslist is a great resource for used wedding items as well, you can often find the unusual and unique if you venture out into some of these events.

Here are some ideas for your shopping list: mason jars, chalkboards, photo booth props, vases (try ceramic as well for an earthy look), candles, cake stands, vintage pie tins, lanterns, vintage table linens, rugs for the aisle or lounge.

For a list of Flea Markets in the SF Bay Area (where I live and work), SF Gate provides a great one here. My favorite from this list is the Alameda Point Antiques and Collectable Faire held on the first Sunday each month. There are so many gorgeous handmade crafts and beautiful antique items for sale.

If you are lucky to live in Chicago, plan on attending The Great Wedding Recyclery on Sunday April 27th. It’s an awesome event where former brides sell their gently used wedding items to brides and grooms and get to share with you how the item was used and experienced at the wedding.

by Corina

Tax Tips for Newlyweds

Here we go again, it’s tax time! For all you Newlyweds that were married in 2013 (even on December 31st), take note of these important tips you can take advantage of when filing jointly (source

Make sure all the information is current and correct. If you’ve changed your name or address, you need to make sure your W-2s are accurate as well as correct with the Social Security Administration and the IRS.

Know the benefits to filing jointly. It is possible that you can earn more money at a lower tax rate when filing as a married couple. BONUS!

Don’t settle for standard deductions anymore. Itemized deductions are now your friend. If you didn’t qualify for them previously, that may have changed. Don’t forget to gather your tax forms and receipts for things like home mortgage interest, property taxes, car registration, reimbursed employee expenses, and charitable contributions, which may give you more tax deductions and a bigger tax refund.

by Corina

mason jar wedding

As weather is heating up, I’m reminded of one of my favorite guest pampering tips, the “Refresher Station”. Upon arrival, guests love to be made comfortable, and I think it’s always a great idea to offer fruit-infused ice water and maybe a house-made lemonade before the ceremony. Because many guests have traveled a distance to get to the event, and this easy DIY water station will help to cool them off before they are seated.

If you don’t have the budget to have it maned by a bartender, place mason jars out with hanging tags so guests can write their names and hold onto their water glass for the night. Don’t forget to get a wooden crate, or wine box to lift the water jugs off the table in a stylish way. It’s important to raise the spouts up far enough off the table to make it easy for the glasses to fit underneath. Handmade chalkboard signs are a great way to finish off the look.

by Corina

Not just your average salad servers, these adorable bamboo spoons and service wear come with sweet motifs of swallows, branches and hearts. These would make the perfect eco-wedding gift– unique, usable, and made from a super renewable resource!

You can check out the full bamboo range on the dandi website.

inspiration and images via: re-nest

by Corina

The recent New York drama around some wedding photographer’s gone bankrupt, leaving many couples left in the dark with their wedding photo’s and albums, is so concerning.

I’m happy to see that the Attorney General of NYC is following up on the case, and has issued the following great advice for couples about hiring a wedding photographer.

1. Insist the company identify the photographer who will be at your wedding, and make sure they are listed on the contract you sign

2. Check at least 3 references for weddings that took place within the last 3 months

3. Never pre-pay in full

4. Discuss and decide on due dates for each task and make sure the contract contains that information (ie, proofs are ready for you to view by a certain date)

5. Check to see if the vendor belongs to a wedding photographer’s association

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