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Welcome to Vibrant Events, a Leader in Special Event Design and Management Using Environmentally-Friendly Practices

If you're looking for a professional event planning and management service specializing in local, organic, socially sustainable, and stylish solutions for your wedding or special event, you can start right here. Depending on the kind of celebration you are creating, and where you are in the process of planning, read below to find the solutions that are best suited for you…

If you are newly engaged just getting started now with wedding planning, with no plans in place, and a wedding budget of $30K or more, we'll help you dream big, and bring that dream to life!
  • Are you ready to envision your dream wedding, and to start having fun planning it?
  • Were you ready to start planning yesterday?
  • Do you live a green lifestyle, and want a dream- green wedding?
dream BIG
If you are planning your wedding now and you are overwhelmed, frustrated, or just need a professional to activate your hard work on the day-of, you can find freedom here!
  • Are you running out of time, and the decisions are piling up?
  • Are you frustrated with the vendors your finding or not finding?
  • Are you afraid you won't have your dream wedding?
find freedom