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Get Started with Vibrant Events Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

Vibrant is a professional event planning service specializing in green weddings. We connect our clients with the best local, organic, socially sustainable, and stylish solutions for their special event. By offering tailored planning support, event logistics management, vendor oversight, and client consultations we help our clients create truly unique and personal events without compromising quality.

For weddings and commitment ceremonies Vibrant offers a variety of packages created with varying needs in mind. Choose the one that's right for you, and contact us next for a more detailed description of the specifics involved.

Complete Wedding Coordination

With you every step of the way— recommend a nine month lead time This package is designed for couples who choose to put the complete planning and coordination of their wedding, from start to finish, in the hands of a professional wedding planner. We will be there from day one to assist you with the creation, design and planning of your special day. Choosing this package ensures that all of the details of your wedding will be taken care of in a timely, thoughtful and professional way.

Customized Wedding Coordination

Select only the services you need—recommend a four month lead time If most of the core components of your wedding are planned, but you'd like professional wedding coordination assistance in a few specific areas, this package offers you the perfect in-between. You'll receive a short list of qualified vendors, the basic coordination and production assistance services offered in our Basic Coordination Package, and consultations on how to reduce the environmental impact and increase the social responsibility of your wedding.

Basic Wedding Coordination

Let us manage your special day—recommend a one month lead time This package is for couples who have done it all but now want to sit back, relax and hand everything off to a professional. We'll handle your last minute details, direct the rehearsal dinner and oversee everything on the wedding day to ensure your event runs flawlessly and you and your guests have a truly Vibrant celebration!

For special events and parties, please contact us for a separate proposal.