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by Corina

Spring weddings are a great time to integrate the color green. It signifies “fresh” and “new”… and against white can make for a crisp modern look, or a classic feel.

This green and white wedding style shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes is one of their most popular pages, and for good reason!

Check out the subtle use of baby’s breath in the bouquet (it’s so sweet!), and the integration of antique lace as the “something old” is quite eco-fabulous!

green and white wedding

green and white wedding

Photo: Barnaby Draper Studios

by Corina

We love the gorgeous spring garden bouquet’s from San Francisco’s Flora Grubb. Their wild, natural beauty speaks to the soul!

Flora Grubb designers use local, in season, and foraged flowers. Their unique hand picked approach is such a fabulous look for any green event or home desktop (hint to the boyfriend!). Learn how to create your own on their blog-( be sure to scroll down! Enjoy!!

Flora Grubb Bouquet

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