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by Corina


As couples marry later in life, they just don’t need all that extra “stuff” traditionally found on wedding registries. So what do you register for? Your Honeymoon of course!

Honeymoon funding has become a movement among couples who prefer the thrill of adventure over the accumulation of more stuff, or who might be having a hard time filling a registry with anything they care much about.

Honeyfund is one resource we recommend to clients.

But some couples really take the crowdsourcing opportunity of their wedding and run with it. In 2014 Mallory Foster and Zach Wendel, raised $28,000 in donations through their wedding to help build a school in Africa. They did travel to the Malawi village to help build as part of their Honeymoon, but used the money to fund an existing NGO to build the school, fill it with teachers, and support the community long-term with education.

You can see the couple’s BuildOn fundraising page here.

“When you take a big trip with someone you love, it makes it all that much more memorable,” Foster said. “Our view for our wedding and our life is that life is a big adventure for us, and it’s been fun with each other.”

Relationship experts say that experiences like this bring couples closer together. Volunteer Honeymoon’s (aka “Honeyteer”) offer a way to give back to our precious world and to each other. This kind of heart centered reciprocity will certainly nurture your marital bond, and give you tons of good Karma as you start your life as spouses for life. We salute you!

You’d be surprised how many countries a given cause can exist. Try these great resources to get you on your way:;; American Hiking Society; WWOOF.

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