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by Corina

Happy love day everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted…oops. But I have a good excuse…I’m writing a book! “The Sierra Club Guide to Green Weddings” will be out later this year, and full of great green tips, green wedding planning advice, and amazing expert help from so many of my friends in the emerging green event space.

I’ll be posting periodically parts of the book to share with you, and hope to see you out on the book tour as well, where you can see me and hopefully experience some of the vendors I rave about. More on all this soon!

In other great news we’ve had some wonderful green weddings and super fabulous green events happening here at Vibrant, and there has been tremendous movement in the green events industry (YAY!). I’ll be posting those photos and coverage of the latest and greatest at Vibrant Events soon as well.

Yesterday this great article was published in Weddings Houston (thank you to the best green PR guy around, Michael Straus) featuring Meghan Meyers from Portovert, Gerald Prolman from Organic Bouquet, and I. The reporter, Natasha Garber, did a great job weaving all our perspectives together into a pretty fabulous feature on Green Weddings. I love how she’s captured the essence of this movement in the first paragraph:

“Your wedding celebration is an occasion for elegance, opulence, even decadence. With all that beauty and bounty, it’s also a potential opportunity for excessive energy consumption and wastefulness. But what if there were a few simple, sensible ways for you to keep your wedding clean and “green” without sacrificing one ounce of style or sumptuousness? In fact, there are countless ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding, from floral to favors to footprint—carbon footprint, that is.”

After writing a book for six months, I’ve come to admire greatly the craft of writing well!

For now, I hope you all are enjoying the bounty of love and beauty that surrounds you! Happy, happy love day!

Be back soon!

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