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What is a “green” event?

Everyone wants to know just what is a “green” event when I tell them about Vibrant Events. So here’s the basics.

As curbside recycling, organic produce, and Earth Day go mainstream, many people are looking for new opportunities to help the environment and stop the effects of global warming. What better place to celebrate a greener lifestyle than with the hundreds of special events we host, attend or help plan each year in our homes, churches, local parks, or reception halls. Events offer us a great place to practice making those better choices that directly impact natural resources and promote a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

But what exactly is a green event? A green event considers the environmental and human health effects of the products and services that go into creating it. It means making choices that are “environmentally friendly – using products that are reusable, recyclable, non-toxic, energy efficient, and made from natural or recycled materials. Three years ago this was a lot harder than it is today. Eco-innovative solutions to party planning have finally hit the shelves, and all it takes is a little thinking ahead to make your event planet friendly. My favorite party products on the market today can be found at Green, and shipped to you within ten days. The biodegradable cutlery is a must have!

As a green event planner, my goal is to make each event as Zero Waste as possible. I put out recycling bins and place signs that are easily understood and seen by guests, and when I can, I’m thrilled to include composting food waste from the event. To cut down on energy and water use I recommend placing pretty signs in the bathroom to remind guests to conserve those resources by keeping their hand washing to a minimum.

Green party planners can also offset the carbon emissions from the energy used at the party or from the guests traveling to the event. DriveNeutral offers a wonderful event calculator that allows you to buy offset credits right from your desktop! I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were when a client recently offset his wedding emissions as a gift to all the guests—a well received, unique gift, which was equally thoughtful!

Treat your guests to a green event next time, and show them that your attention to their comfort and the health of the planet are important to you!

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